Winged Backpack Backpack

Whether it is a hand or shoulder carrying, very easy and dress together,winged backpack allows you to a return to childhood innocence, let you enjoythe leisurely holiday.


Girl backpack is very dynamic and JTYS&TYC playing tricks to designers,backpack can grow wings, bat wings with great personality, enjoy the show ina backpack, like the bat the angels, particularly lovely. For holidayoccasions, belong to the European and American style, wonder to new trendsIn backpack trend, this backpack is not to be missed.
Winged Backpack Backpack at handgirls love pure white.
Double shoulder, may be made on one shoulder, arm the same distinctivebeauty, walking in the streets, people looked back.
Regardless of age, every woman needs at any stage have a cute side, smile tofeel refreshed and young at heart always heart naturally gives us theinside, bags of same.
Winged Backpack Backpack at handgirls love Red

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