Product Name: Ms. Du Gabbana hand bag
Commodity goods gross: 1.23kg origin: Italy
The crowd: women handbag

Color: Red
Product structure: the buckle cover opening and closing, with 1 zipper patch, 2 patch pockets
Product size: width 25.5cm, height of about 21cm, width 12cm, detachable shoulder strap length of about 94cm, the width is about 2cm

Kindly Remind:
Do not hit or repeated friction, in order to avoid any surface damage;
To prevent direct sunlight, to prevent patterns fade;
Collection, please attach to dust collection with preservation;
Keep dry, avoid direct contact with high temperature;
To avoid prolonged contact with the pigment easy to fall off of materials (such as magazines, other leather, etc.), in order to prevent the transfer of its pigment to the leather;
Fats and oils may penetrate into the leather, so avoid contact with the product;
Need to clean, part of the cloth can be gently with a cloth or brush, supported by clean water and soap, avoid contact with the leather part. When the leather parts need to be cleaned, use a soft dry cloth to gently wipe, do not use soap or solvent.

Hermes Platinum package

Platinum package is a Hermes (Hermes) its a bag: Hermes Birkin. France‘s singer Jane Birkin has a plane to Hermes (Hermes) fifth President Jean Louis Dumas complain now can not find well-made and practical bags, President of Hermes handbags designed specifically for her, and named after her, this is the Birkin.
Big wave is also not bad, especially Faye Wong, Cheung is staggering. Faye 300,000Birkin has several. While other stars like Maggie Cheung, Carina LAU, na ying, s, Coco, the a-star staffing at least one. Due to the relatively small yield of Birkin, hit so hard, Hermes Platinum brand diversification and product design concepts, as well asrepresentatives of many celebrities love it by the elegant and noble qualities.
As Vanity Fair barometer of Hollywood stars, of course, will not miss this most expensive bag, the spice girls are undoubtedly one of the most loved Park female star ofthe Gold package, basically every time she trips, we can all see her carrying a different Birkin. In addition to lots of hot chicks are active in other Hollywood stars love equally to Birkin, which United States President xiaokennidi wife and Kournikova tennisbeauty.

Teach you how to mix the three series of canvas bags

Teach you how to mix the three series of canvas bags

Canvas package classic not defeated of fashion trend concept, match canvas package itself alone some with sex design, plus most has topic of appearance dotted and inner quality, is collection the big brand popular elements Yu a, for young a family crowd by design of series fashion products, light of material, hundred take of tones, after special processing, drifting wood more distributed out brand has always been uphold of low-key fashion style.New varieties in autumn and winter, passion and unrestrained style mixvintage and elegant accessories as highlights.


Canvas bags more and more to be liked, but how can we mix many personalizedcanvas bags to play Ultimate sense of style? Canvas styles are diverse,YEUNG Sum, art fan, fashion Joker. Below describes several canvas bagsmatch.
Literary style
Most canvas bags are casual style, horizontal stripes are a popular style,and canvas unique package design with one of the Republic are filled with asense of fashion, this soft free canvas bag with a simple dress good, plaidsheath dresses can phase contrast and bags of style. Brick red is alsobetter match, trendy horizontal stripes add a for the whole fresh literarytaste. Is a very nice spring mix style, typical of the literary fan.

Shoulder leather women bag style featured

Silver t-shirt with short sleeves, loose trim is very casual. With black leather pants, overall good be risen immediately, and slimming effect is greatly enhanced. Combined with the white bag for wear take layering to get highlights.


Black and white is the color of the Poles, it is the largest colordifference, but they are the most versatile color, and their color scheme ofbackpacks, not only can you experience the style of fashion, more easilymanage a variety of costumes, ready for your match and a source of strength.

White Turtleneck blouse with black stripe wide leg pants, both with a slighttaste of retro clothes and colors echoing looks neat. Finally with a blackleather bag, also appears and the overall style is very fit, show the charmof simplicity.

following a car accident outside hi home in Florida

Golf and Marriage are Dangerous Games Golf and marriage may seem to have little in common but they are in fact both very dangerous games. In golf you can easily lose your ball and in marriage a many may easily lose his balls both metaphorically and physically. One would expect world No1 golfer Tiger Woods to be familiar with the dangers of golf. Having led as cosseted life however he may not be so well informed on the dangers of marriage. This would explain how he ended up in hospital with “facial lacerations” following a car accident outside hi home in Florida. Though the accident was described as “trivial” and the car Woods was driving, a Cadillac SUV was substantial a spokesman said his injuries were entirely consistent with hitting his face on the steering wheel. When police arrived at the scene however, they found Tiger’s lovely Swedish wife Elin attacking the SUV with a golf club. She claimed she was trying to smash the rear window. Now to our way of thinking it would seem Elin was either saying none of the SUV’s four doors were operable after the “trivial accident or that Tiger was trapped by the airbag. but surely if the airbag had worked properly it would have prevented the driver sustaining steering wheel related injuries. We are left to conclude then that Cadillac SUVs have defective airbags and crappy doors. We anticipate the Woodses will be hearing from lawyers retained by the luxury car maker. It is pure coincidence according to everybody involved in the case but earlier on the day of the accident a story published by scurrilous tabloid rag the National Enquirer alleged that Tiger had been enjoying a dalliance with Rachael Uchitel, a serial shag and tell operator. Rachel, of whose career our investigative reporters can learn little other than she has lots of affairs with celebrities and makes lucrative deals for exclusives on the stories, is good looking and attractive in a rather obvious way it has to be admitted but anyone who knows what flaxen haired Swedish ex model Elin looks like will find it difficult to understand why Tiger was aiming his putter at any other hole (Tiger with Nordic beauty Elin) Now we are not suggesting the revelation of this unsubstantiated rumour on the same day as the accident happened is anything but coincidence. It has to be said however that the Boggart Blog resident doctor’s opinion steering wheel related injuries might easily be confused with golf club related injuries. Clearly this story has a long way to run. We will bring you further updates as they come in. Clearly the world of golf is more exciting than we ever imagined. We apologise to our readers for ignoring it for so long. The Tiger Roars Again Another ambulance visited Tiger Woods home in the early hours of this morning. An unidentified woman was taken away on a stretcher. There were rumours of drug overdoses but no reports of golf club related injusries.

do you mind if i knit HELLO! Hello there

do you mind if i knit HELLO! Hello there, it is LOVELY to see you! Been ages hasn it? Too long. I hope you all been splendido while I been away? I sure you been fantastico! We not long back from our fantastic holiday in Spain, visiting my Mum and Dad. It feels like we been away for a month  when actually, it only been a couple of weeks. We had a wonderful time, and packed so much in. And we were very, very lucky, unusually so, because our time in Spain happened to coincide with a Tornado, and Tropical scale downpours. We fully understood just how blessed we were to have such weather in Spain. Thank you so, so much for all your lovely comments on my Little Squares Scarf. Each one has been read, digested, and appreciated, and the “have a great holiday” wishes too, thank you! What fantastic comments to come home to! You all my scrumdiddlyumptious darlings! Thank you, thank you, thank you! And a big hug too, as I feeling ever so happy and smiley! Before I launch into all the busyness of our holiday, and a few piccies, there the long-lost crochet swap I have to share with you. I be very surprised if you remembered this post, from June 30th, showing you all the gifts I made for my partner in a crochet swap. My partner was Melanie, from A country Dream. Back in June, I sent off my parcel, with all its goodies. Unfortunately for Melanie, the crochet swap happened just when she came down with Swine Flue, which then led to other complications, so poor Melanie had a tough few months, and was unable to to send me her gifts. The week before we left for our holiday, two weeks ago, (that extremely busy week where I felt like I was running round like a headless chicken, trying to keep up with blogging, trying to work, trying to keep up with the house and all those duties), Melanie sent me her parcel of things she made. And the mug? Well, I like to think noone can resist a spotty mug. The crochet heart garland I did make, and I tell you, they addictive! The link for the pattern, is in the link to the post I did back in June about this swap, that link is at the beginning of this post. The Lavender heart sachet tied in neatly with the hearts I crocheted, and the Butterfly box was for Melanie bit which I know we all have. And now I done that little reminder, I am going to do the big reveal on Melanie gifts! I have no “unwrapping” shots to show you, as everything simply emerged from this pretty bag. Starting with these egg cosies, which are really very sweet don you think? It tempting to have four boiled eggs all at once, just so I can use them all at the same time. I sure that between the two of us, Hugo and I can manage two boiled eggs each, all presented in their woolly hats. I love the red and white combo in these granny squares, it a stunning combination, and makes for a fab bag. Would make a nice blanket too, don you think? Pink and white are a lovely combination too. Lots of goodies to keep me warm and cosy, and feeling pretty. Talking of being cosy, we have in the photo above, the perfect ingredients for a cosy night in by the fire! In the excitement of opening all my gifts, and looking at them, I quickly read the inscription in the cookery book, above. For a nano second, I thought the beautiful was for me, but then sense quickly took over. You see, I not Melanie daughter, and it been a very long time since I was 23. It wasn my Birthday either. Still, I do like the idea of being a beautiful daughter, who wouldn hey?!!! I wonder who the beautiful daughter is? I do like the cosy theme to Melanie package, so timely, because although I have been refusing to admit it to myself, we have been getting some Autumnal weather the last few days. Do you like the dashing wrist warmer Melanie made, in the above photo? Splendido I say! Melanie has been so very generous with all her gifts, and her time, making all these things, I a very fortunate swap partner, thank you so much Melanie, they all wonderful gifts! Well, I am now going to make myself a hot brew and sit infront of the fire, nursing the stinking cold I managed to catch. The type of gift I can always do without. I have so much to show you, lots of non holiday stuff I hasten to add! Though I did take some vibrant photos for you, you may well need your sunglasses for those. It lovely to be back and into the swing of things again, lovely to see you. I be back tomorrow, make sure you have your sunglasses to hand. Love Vanessa xxx So pleased you like your goodies Vanessa. Oh, about the book, silly me in my rush to get the parcel off to you, well, I put the wrong recipe book in your package! I do have two of the same book, one I bought, then one my mam bought later for me, not knowing that I already had a copy of the book, and I thought, well, I pop the spare one in the package, Vnaessa will like it, but I have popped the one my mam bought me in the package! I honestly had no idea that I did this, and I am so sorry about the mix up, please forgive my error. xxx

Men’s handbags how to match? 3 detail to help you acquire practical and comfortable bag

Structure design of bag: man bags are useful, packages of structural designis the key, because it determines the practical, durable, comfortable, andmany other aspects of performance. Package functionality is not more is better, and overall design to simple avoid fancy …

Structure design of bag: man bags are useful, packages of structural designis the key, because it determines the practical, durable, comfortable, andmany other aspects of performance. Package functionality is not more isbetter, and overall design to avoid simple fancy. Bag a good man must firsthave good bear design systems, such as straps, belt of design science, acomfortable bag should have a wider, heavier and can adjust the straps,waistband and back cushion, because men sometimes did not rule out to putheavier items in the package;


Fabric bag material: currently more popular bags fabric Oxford nylon,polyester staple fibre canvas, leather and so on. From wear, and waterproof, and quality grade, aspects characteristics consider words, best of select undoubtedly is leather of men package package, both noble and durable, but price also will slightly your; if from price of angle consider words, canvas texture of men package package is good of select, its style compared fashion leisure, durable sex aspects also has must of guarantee, small series recommends everyone can depending on itself of economic situation in leather and canvas two species texture in the for select.

Beautiful cartoon Crossbody photos meet your princess dream

Messenger bag as the name suggests is the Crossbody bag, Ms Pack is no longer patented, also became one of the men out of your belongings,especially Messenger bags, not only convenient but also generous, and verybeautiful Oh.


Messenger bag by definition is the Crossbody bag, Ms Pack is no longerpatented, also became one of the men out of your belongings, especiallyMessenger bag is not only convenient and easy.
Messenger bag design is the most important, because it determines thepractical, durable, comfortable, and many other aspects of performance.Package functionality is not more is better, and overall design to avoidsimple fancy. A comfort basic package is determined by the system design,system is usually composed by straps, belts and back cushion, a comfortablepackage should have a wider, heavier and can adjust the straps, waistbandand back cushion, back cushion the best sweat ventilation slots. Materialsinclude fabrics and parts of two aspects. Fabrics should normally have thewear and tear-proof, waterproof and other characteristics. The popularOxford nylon, polyester staple fibre canvas leather and leather, and so on.Parts buckle, all zippers, straps and chest strap buckles, Bao Gai, andenclaves fasteners, plug belt buckles and so on, these rings of metal andnylon usually, your eye should be used carefully when buying critical. Workrefers to the shoulder belts and bags, fabric, between Bao Gai, and enclavessuch as quality of the stitching process, to guarantee the necessary stitchfirmness, the pins should not be too large, too loose.

Summer women’s Crossbody bag small packet distribution show a gentle Lady in

When choosing your dress style of the time, although fashion shoulder bag joins in such a decorative effect, but from time to time it may become your convert style or good help to enrich their style, influence me to eventually put a lift.


Strapless dresses, plaid is the main decorative element, composed of white and black, full of literary fan charm. In this regard, dressed in matching green leather bag, make it overall to wear were the highlight of the ride, full of fashion.


Pink dress, pink, not only makes the wearer becomes very sweet and also does a good job of reducing the aging effect. Then, wearing matching leather fringed bag, not only enriches the overall wear fashion elements that take, leaving the wearer’s temperament became more unique.

Suitcase trolley ladies items highlighting 3 stylish travel case makes you happy

Actually traveling is a lot of people are in love with things, and during the trip, need a beautiful box. Then, with small series to look at these wonderful lever travel packing list promotion mix, the unit will be set out in detail.


Traveling is a lot of people like to often do things, and during the trip, need a handsome box. Then, with small series to look at these wonderful lever travel packing list promotion mix, the unit will be set out in detail.

bags 1

1, Princess fan, I think it’s a lot of girls at a young age when the pursuit of the dream. Retro fashion in the figure on the trunk, wind is nothing short of a princess luggage, looks, style is retro but the color is really fresh, is pinkish-white and pink, the effect is as good without saying, it is recommended that collection.