Real France larento wallet

In the 80 ‘s, old head and crocodile, as famous as the hot-selling brandssuch as Playboy. But according to verify, in Italy there is no such a brand,which Italy background and has a long history, are fabricated.

Italy Trade Commission intellectual property counterfeiting list, there is afamiliar brand of old. In the 80 ‘s, old head and crocodile, as famous asthe hot-selling brands such as Playboy. But according to verify, in Italythere is no such a brand, which Italy background and has a long history,are fabricated. Recently, this reporter arrived at the Wangfujing pedestrian street Leonard men‘s shoes with the Beijing department store counters.Salespeople said to reporters, Leonard this brand is from Italy bringingin, but the brand registered in China, Guangdong, Italy and Japan, areimported, as well as import declarations. ‘

Italy Trade Commission following a 30 pseudoItaly brands list, there is acompany called Italy larento international development (Group) limitedcompany. The company‘s Web site for their own use old head brand Italybackground descriptions and Wangfujing department store on the site is verysimilar. Italy Trade Commission intellectual property Department BeijingStudio Dai Shengqiao told reporters, in fact, the old head brand in Italynobody knows Italy larento international development group in Italy andHong Kong does not exist, Larento or Laorentou whether as trademarks orcompany names not in Italy to register. Italy uniform Leonard company isalso false. Reporters called Italy larento international development (Group)company brochure indicates that sweet phone, answering the phone said theynever heard of Leonard and old head, they are a beauty salon.

Guangzhou two old heads to match-fixing, when searching for informationabout the elderly head reporter inadvertently found a old head old leatherfactory, Guangzhou website. Shows on its Web site, the company registeredman-made Italy larento international group (Hong Kong) limited, registeredaddress 20th Kang building, Luard Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong 8F808. Ms Rong Li, Deputy General Manager of the company, told reporters, the old manbrand and Italy does not have any relationship, whether all contain oldhead where companies affiliated, the real trademark, only one, that is,old leather factory in Guangzhou elderly head of registered trademarks, allother self-proclaimed old XX brand were fakes. But, all old head(whether true or false) processing and marketing are carried out in thecountry. Rong Li said that old leather factory in Guangzhou now is in theprocess of old head trademark outright. In Guangzhou, also calledGuangzhou elderly head apparel development co elderly head. The companyclaims to be the only old trademark, and make an impact statement on itsWeb site, saying in the clothing market, there are a number of Taiwan,France, Italy, Macau elderly head company is a sham. Elderly head,where do you come from?


Students shoulder bag pictures

A backpack on my back, felt returned to the unbridled play school, vigorindex moments Up! Love dress up girls, be sure to grab the tail of youth andplayful time. has the makings of a bag literally design.

Very elegant bag literally design has outstanding overall result, can make aperson just remember bags. Different colors reflect different feelings, butas couples match, Oh ~


We only focus on the young and fashionable high-end backpack! Baby as soon as possible, high quality PU, soft and thick. Fan, casual, retro classy inEurope and America. Pay attention to fashion, quality, and you deserve it!

Shoulder Korean College wind cute casual canvas bag, very young, art fresh,premium grade Korea wind you still hesitate, quickly into a bar.


Rivet domineering packs make you more stylish

Domineering rivet elements can help you create these currents funky mixlook! Rivet bag is with the sexy high heels, or with a variety of differentstyles of clothing have unexpected results, and quickly to look at the bagwith rivet pattern.
Love fashion love chic is the nature of every girl, domineering rivetelements can help you create these currents funky mix look! Rivet bag iswith the sexy high heels, or with a variety of different styles of clothinghave unexpected results, and quickly to look at the bag with rivet pattern!
Black shades of petal-shaped rivets bags equally striking and modern,compared with Lady Grey, black more handsome bizounce feeling, with asplendid sundress on, showing leg temptation, black anklewrap heels wellworth watching.
With a pop flavor of Red patterns, and vintage alphabet pattern simple longwhite t-rich vitality and vigor, handsome black on the loose combination ofprofile tongue shoes create a good sense of balance, design and profile arereally fashionable black rivet bag low-key without losing personality.
Classic grey switch package details and elegant design very eye-catchingpersonalities, levels of folded lace decoration is delicate and lovelyhighlights the elegant flavor of the Lady, circular rivets and metal chainto bring a little bit of contemporary modern atmosphere. Matching coloredshirt with denim shorts, young and beautiful.

Winged Backpack Backpack

Whether it is a hand or shoulder carrying, very easy and dress together,winged backpack allows you to a return to childhood innocence, let you enjoythe leisurely holiday.


Girl backpack is very dynamic and JTYS&TYC playing tricks to designers,backpack can grow wings, bat wings with great personality, enjoy the show ina backpack, like the bat the angels, particularly lovely. For holidayoccasions, belong to the European and American style, wonder to new trendsIn backpack trend, this backpack is not to be missed.
Winged Backpack Backpack at handgirls love pure white.
Double shoulder, may be made on one shoulder, arm the same distinctivebeauty, walking in the streets, people looked back.
Regardless of age, every woman needs at any stage have a cute side, smile tofeel refreshed and young at heart always heart naturally gives us theinside, bags of same.
Winged Backpack Backpack at handgirls love Red

Carrying a pink bag to travel

Have always felt that travel is a wonderful thing, come to a strange place walk to stop the mood will become very different! Travel is essential to take pictures, to give their performance to the United States and the United States, the choice is also very important. Pink bag in the picture conspicuous Joker, like beautiful mirror, that together to have a look at these fit to travel pink bag it!


The MMK AVA Crossbody Bag is really too beautiful it! Is small, with sweet to no red rose, in the adolescent temperament and revealed the feminine touch, the perfect fusion of AVA capable of beauty, the newly launched MMK would most like AVA atmospheric design, such a small paragraph really is beautiful.


Diorissimo Promenade Envelope Pouch Bag Dior, the new Bag Pouch everyone to see what you like? This is still subject to the Diorissimo inspired design, compact and cute envelope design, good people like!

Saint Laurent Monogramme Matelasse Shoulder Bag, so graceful, so beautiful!woman looking for a chain shoulder bag that suits their temperament, classicYSL buckle + embossed flower as beautiful leather processing, aristocratictemperament + momentum is really full.

Tory Burch York handbag, simple atmosphere is not pretentious, elegant pairof Buckle Tlogo and minimalist design, combining two accidentally had abeauty mature temperament. Small fresh new color for fall/winter woman Wang Luoli takes all Ah!

Salvatore Ferragamo, generous texture bow bag is so beautiful it! sweet atthe same time you will feel small, bow temperament beauties is theatmosphere, design and technology from the Salvatore Ferragamo, but theprice is really good Oh, the new mini is simply MoE makes a beautiful rideon guys!

VALENTINO shoulder bagrich leather texture with rivet design lookedhandsome and generous, adhering to his demanding style for detail, like thegirls get laid!